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Mauritius Generator Repair

Some components of generator maintenance require weekly or monthly checks depending on generator operation hours. Here at GENTECH POWER SYSTEMS, we are committed to providing quality generator service and repair for all makes and models of emergency standby generator systems. We offer various plans designed to adapt to your needs and keep track of routine maintenance and scheduling for your generator based on your type of generator and how often it is used.

Generator Services Gentech Power Systems Provides:

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections involves checking exhaust systems, fuel systems, control systems and DC electrical systems to ensure optimal performance. If a problem is found in any of these vital components, we repair them immediately to prevent a system shutdown.

Preventive Maintenance

Planned generator maintenance on your unit prevents catastrophic power failures, primarily when an unplanned outage occurs, or a natural disaster strikes. Even the best emergency power systems need maintenance on a routine basis. Regular maintenance and service on your genset will help detect minor problems before they become costly ones.

Now is the time to implement a plan, especially if your generator was just installed. Remember, the performance efficiency of your generator is directly tied to maintenance. Maintain your engine-driven generator systems with a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly genset service plan. Our maintenance service includes regular engine exercise, load tests, lubrication, fuel system service, cooling system service, and servicing and testing batteries.

Generator Repair

Generator repair services are at Gentech Power Systems’ daily operations. We provide first-rate generator repair services for a wide range of applications from small residential applications to large industrial applications and everything in between.

If your generator needs to be repaired, or we happen to find a problem during an inspection, we can source the parts needed and quickly make the fix. We provide a seamless repair service due to our access to a large inventory of parts and accessories from a variety of manufacturers.

Benefits of Our Generator Maintenance Services

Keeping your generators ready for action!

Being customer focused one of our goal is to offer what customers really need as compare to what we have to offer! We can design a maintenance solution based on your business specific objectives, be it code compliance or attaining the highest level of system reliability. GAL Power has reliable service solutions to keep emergency power equipment on guard and ready for action, 365 days a year. GENTECH POWER SYSTEMS delivers Preventive Maintenance Programs that meet or exceed all applicable regulatory standards for site safety and reliability. For liability protection, records detailing all aspects of inspection and maintenance are secured in our central registry.